Lap Around V. I .R

From my ONE time at V I R. Photos 2005.

Track Layout (LONG course)

Here is the layout of the long course, using both North and South sections.*

I've flipped the actual track map.  To me it seems easier to follow this way by numbers.

Participants in the paddock area before a run group session.

Pit Out

Follow the Miata.....


 Line, (Drivers) left against barrier are the soloists.

Against (right) pits fence; drivers needing instructors.

Its critical to follow the track staff. 

They will warn traffic of cars entering and try to space you out into the traffic flow.

When he motions go: GO !

Merging onto the track, keep as far right as you can into the turn 1 apex.

Because these guys will be above 110MPH into Turn 1.

Turn Two

Generally, I keep 1 into 2 as a constant radius turn with a single apex.

The turn in for 2 is the track out of 1 when using a DOUBLE apex.

Basically, if you follow the road out of one towards three, you'll simplify things.

Above, we're in 2, apex towards track out going to 3.

Track out is a straight shot towards the infield to the turn in for 3

Reverse view of the apex to track out of 2 from the infield

just above the gazebo left roof edge is the apex.

the obvious cone is actually Track Out. (it looks like a apex huh?)

Turn Three

Turn in cone for turn 3 (circled) - (note red barn and infield)

Apex cone for turn 3 below.

Track out of three towards Turn 4

A reverse look from the infield and food stand.

the upper right cone is track out for 2

the lower left cone is the turn in for 3

Track Out towards four below in a straight line.  Pass Left off line.

Turn Four

Probably best shown in this view from the infield.

"Throw away" Left hander

Turn in cone by flagging station (not shown right)

Apex cone and track out along left edge by side mirror in photo.

These corners set up the 5 and 5A into the essess.

TURN 5 & 5a

These corners set up the 5A and 6 esses.

5 Apex above, cone center of the dash. Track Out towards white fence:

Now careful not to drop a wheel or two off left before the turn in cone for 5A.

Establishing a good entry to 5A apex, and smooth, rythmic quick steering transitions

straighten out 5A, 6 , 6A which.......means speed through the bridge straight.

Turn 6 & 6A


Both at the same spot on different laps.

6 and 6A are a continuation of 5A (esses)

Here, I have an issue with the track out placement.

 Unless your really flying (80 plus) you can skip T.O.  Going towards track out on the right

means a corrective maneuver back towards the left, to follow the track surface edge.


I find this dangerous and from a DE background I ask my students to "hug" the 6A

apex to follow the track surface curve to the letters "AL" in Internation"al" (Black line)

Here, I'm lined up (at the black line in the photo above) AND at the track EDGE.

there is PLENTY of room to pass on the left "off line".

Preparing for 7,8,9 Uphill Esses

I see students brake at these cones.  Its okay to settle the suspension prior to turn in,

but the tracks level, these cones are a visual distraction to the entrance to turn 7 IMHO.

Consider them your approximate turn in area.  I can carry 90 MPH through the uphill esses

in a rental car.... No need to brake here for turn in.

Turn 7:  Notice the lower stickers in the windshield,

they mark the end of the turtles and a POT HOLE. Don't drop a wheel!

Smooth transitions and rythum are key here:

Turn 8 (below) is after a hillcrest where the suspension unweights.

The perfect place for a spin....

hug that apex cone to line up your turn in for 9.

Turn 10

Once you exit the Esses, your on a short plateau needing to turn LEFT

This is a set up area before turn in (circled) for Turn 10

Dive LEFT AT the Apex cone, the turn is wider than it looks,

however, too early would be the kiss of going "off"

Turn 10 is off camber a bit, so keep that steering input smooth and constant, making

  smooth correction, if needed.  Judge traffic in your mirrors for the "passing zone".

Here's the braking box between Turn 10 and Turn 11, transition LEFT.

this 914 just saved his off track excursion back in Turn 8, great job!

If these buddies are still hosting it, cut and paste & check out the 18 meg video:

11 & 11A Oak Tree

Still in the braking box after our cross track transition.

Below, we're approaching the 100 foot mark, BRAKING, setting up for our turn in.

Here I quick glance assess the traffic behind me for the upcoming back straight.

Below is the Apex cone for 11 which I shave in this photo.

 Track out wide to set up for 11a, which is the far LEFT of the track surface.

Then we dive down upon the apex cone by the corner worker at the OAK TREE.

Feet past the apex of 11A facing the back straight.  Track out LEFT.

Before and at Oak Tree use your mirrors to handle traffic.

Make everyone happy.

Show some respect for your fellow participants.  They'll thank you for it.

BTW: They're really stoked the Impala pulled the uphill esses at 90 MPH.

  All types of cars can be accommodated with a little track management.

Back Straight

After rounding the Oak Tree, odds are you've tracked out LEFT.

Here's where track management comes into play.

Passing signal, then manage cars as you transition from Left to "on line" Right.

This is a DE remember, let cars by, LIFT throttle a bit,

once you crest the hill the braking box is next.

Here the rental Impala tops out between 100-105 MPH, Stretch.........

Turn In for 14 is the last marker at the end of the straight / Braking box

While you can cheat in early (its hard to resist) towards the apex of 14,

the correct line (alignment) is to delay turn in just a few more feet.

Arrow is the direction of what's ahead.

I carry the first apex (14) as a continuation of the back straight. Turn in is 80-90 MPH.

NEEDING TO <<BRAKE>> SCRUB off the next 30-40MPH in a short, compact distance!

14, 15 Roller Coaster

These corners, referred to as the "Cork Screw" are a blast. 

Turn in is scrubbed to about 35 - 50 MPH. Increased from 45 MPH with experience.

Below:  This is the set up and final braking area for 14a, the "Cork Screw."

In the above photo I cheated in too far left at apex of 14.

Arrow is the direction the Cork Screw goes.

Your last look before Turning In......Don't be TOO HOT!!!!

Right on apex of 14a (red cone) here's where you set up for 15

and realize if you blew the turn by having the wrong line or scrubbing off too much speed.

Dropping right in on the apex of Turn 15. Corner worker is on Right.

Tracking out of 15 for the brief "straight" to set up turn in for the next series: "Hog pen"

16,17 & 17A Pit in

Here's turn in for 16.  Resist the temptation to cheat in / turn in early.

The turn in cone is blurred right above my knuckle.

Almost perfect alignment passing the apex cone of Turn 16.

A few feet forward, revealing the turn in and apex of 17.

Here's the Apex cone of 17, I was told the track out point of 17 towards 17A

seems like its going off the track but the track will hold you.  I did see someone go off there.

Track out (left) of 17 has turtles for extra surface in case your a bit wide, apexing early.

The Corvette ahead is at the Apex of 17A, this is where Pit In traffic needs to be considered.

17 and 17A have a lot of transitions from track edge left to right and back left when "on line".

(This is typical of any "Esses" type turns.)

Consideration for pit in traffic needs to be addressed before the Apex of 17a above.

Pit in traffic should signal well in advance (entering 17a)

AND keep right "off line" after the above (17a) apex.

Start Finish Straight towards Pit out & Turn 1.

The Start / Finish line straightaway has a "kink" in it, at the tree.

In the photo below, I'm where passing traffic would be: "Off Line"

Remember this guy?  Well watch for his motioning as he's the eyes ahead of you.

Here his pointing means merging slower traffic ahead.

At the tree, the track crests, and turns right.

Most high powered cars will be well above 130 MPH at the turn.

The rental did 105 MPH, and ANY abrupt turn, correction or lift throttle

means a spin into the grass which has this flagging station you'd have to avoid.

Now you're one lap around!

Blend with the merging traffic into Turn 1 and you're successfully

on your way to the rest of your run group session!

* An even longer configuration is available beyond 4 miles in length.

DE = Drivers Education.  TracQuest offers instruction and lots of open track time.


Most high backed, tall trunk sedans and sports cars limit the immediate rear view.

Most open wheeled, low height cars disappear from view within 40 feet from the rear.

Spoilers further this visual obstruction.  Keep this in mind with mixed run groups.

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