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Watkins Glen, NY. August 2004

D.E. events can be a brotherhood......or bring your brother!

A tree fell and landed inches from the car the night before the event..

First Drivers' meeting in the morning:

Don't be late!

Its a rental?

Monday was raining HARD.

This past August event was overcast and raining

with bouts of Fog the first day then partly sunny Tuesday.

This fog rolled in and caused the track to close

because the corner workers couldn't see each other.

The Fog rolled INTO the garages too.

Long staging delays until the track was visible.

Here's Phil's 200 20V ready for a lap session.

Authors' 200 20V and the super Subie...


One good reason to check your tires.

Below:  Sidewall roll over: not exactly under inflation, COLD was (32 PSI)

but even with them hot (plus 4-5 psi) this car was too heavy for them.

These Track tires picked up all sorts of gum and were driven hard?

This events tech Tid-bit:

Pressure testing By Pass Valves: (BPV)

Here Art and Chester and I check some Bosch NP710 by pass valves for leakage.

Here is the (spare) Turbo hose with the BPV oriented (right)

Chester's cool pressure gizmo below:

New Bosch valves held vacuum until 7-8 psi, old used ones leaked at 4-5 psi.

Other by Pass / Blow off valves (Diverters) are tested towards 15-20 PSI.

They have a piston valve and stiff spring.

The Bosch valves have a diaphragm.

Here's a link to an excellent BPV test:

Students and instructors having a good time

Pretty A4 in Pearl

Action photo of the Subie.  Kulla photo(s).

Chris apexing the BMW

The transition from 8 - 9 from the hill.

Chief Instructor Steve gets an applause returning to the pits.

(Kulla photo)

The weekend before someone left this Porsche parked overnight..

For a reason!  OUCH!


Not a NEQ or ACCNA participant.

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