Watkins Glen NEQ Audi Driving School

August  25, 26 2003


Event Master Mike

Driver's meeting.

Double Vision or Red Mist?


Bill speaking at the Driver's meeting.

Mike speaking at the Driver's meeting.

Fluids Checked and wheels torqued.  These garage spaces are extra $.

Paddock Area and Cars line up awaiting their owners run group.

Subaru STI, BMW, Corvette and other cars run in each session

Author's 200 20V stock with 17" A4 look-a-like rims.

Carter's Go - Kart handling Coupe GT

Evo - 8

Jason's Passat (slightly "enhanced")

A 90 Turbo Quattro Conversion: "turbo too small"

Audi's Newest Super Flagship sedan: RS 6

  Its an automatic....

I lost my clutch trying to catch this one.


Every event is run with safety in mind. 

Once in a while there is an accident.

This year this driver got a scare.

Behind every photo is a story.

This is what appears to be a stainless steel brake line.

With the end fitting worked loose.

** A  MAJOR  PROBLEM !  **

No tech inspection is going to discover this.

The result of the fitting coming loose is this:

and that's just the least of this owners troubles.

The result on the track was the brake pedal went to

the floor at the end of a 100 MPH straight!

** A  MAJOR  PROBLEM !  **

The driver was able to keep the car from hitting anything,

However:  At the end of this straight is a gravel pit.

No that's not a hand reaching out, its several stones trapped in the tire bead.

Here are a few more.  The car slid sideways through the stones. 

The tire sidewall flexed away from the rim during the side.

That trapped rocks in the bead of the tire against the rim.

Amazingly, there was no roll over like last year.

Driver and the kids had a positive outlook afterwards.


The above photos vindicate why each car driven

off track MUST have their beads checked!


Here is ANOTHER reason to check........

....your tires between sessions: That's cord folks.

Looks like gum.

All tires pick up the worn off rubber from the track. 


This instructor said he picked up a vibration while on the track.

In the pits he took the wheel off and discovered this:

Here Peter and company inspect the ruined rotor.

That's not only a crack but daylight through the steel..

Check your brake components often. Lines and rotors.

Evaluation Forms

Each instructor evaluates each student during the event.

Feedback about the instructor is given by the student too.


Afterwards the critique is built upon in future driving schools.

Most students advance a group while some practice, practice, practice.

Take a <visual> Lap of Watkins Glen:

Additional Video clips picked frame by frame:

Have a safe ride home.............see you at the next event.

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