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Watkins Glen, NY. July 2004

Nothing Like a great track Lodge w/ bread in the night stand.

This past July event was overcast the first day then partly sunny Tuesday

Quite a few marques present at the NEQ event.

Team Low budget

Carter's truck, where we hid our tools from the rain.

Carter's NEW bitchin tent, except when we went to set it up.......

There was NO top or cover.  Just the frame!  Todd says DOH !

Here Rick stages cars to the track entrance for a run group.

and here they exit from their run group track time.

Once the cars return from the track they are parked in the paddock area.

Mike and instructors talk about the last session.

Mike checks the engine that's running well now.

Chris properly jacks and braces their BMW for a differential fluid check.

Noah and Mini - me

Event pose photo - op.

Two minor excursions were made.

Both drivers were okay.

2 Bennett Audimotive showed up with several modified cars.

This Sport Quattro (below) is not only rare but nearly flawless in appearance.

Here is the top of their patented strut mount bracket

How come I can't find a detailed photo like this on their web site?

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