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Look with center caps on the OEM rims.

Factory Rims have part number stamped on them.

4000 and 4000Q LOOK identical but have different part number and bolt hole offset


This size track tire fit on the rims.  Its not the OEM size.

Wheel bolts:

Update 6/05: No Nonesense at motorgeek.com mentioned this great site for wheel bolts etc;


Must have certain thread pitch.  Check the H&R website.

ETKA shows (for 200 20V): Part # 431 601 139 A: M14 x 1, 5 x 27 Quantity 20.

these are the same for the 1999 A6 Avant.

O.E. (Audi) Left, Discount tire Right (notice its conical NOT BALL)

They NEED to be BALL (thanks Mike) and with larger wheels LONGER

ALSO,  NEED to be  LONGER as deep as the spacers are too!


They MUST NOT stick too far past the rim or they will strike the brakes or hub!

I cranked an 99 A6 bolt in, holding on a rotor and it rounded the

threads at the bolt end against the strut/hub assembly......

They're the same 17mm bolt on 4000, 5000/100/200 and A6 up to 1999 AFAIK.


Here's your factory kit.  To hang the wheels on the hub while you put in the bolts.....

Cross referencing bolt hole sizes: Ford focus Mustang / Thunderbird etc...

4 1/4" " is 107.9mm 4 x 108 is SOOOOOOO close to 107.9 odds are they'd fit.

108 millimeter = 4.2519685 inch

4.5 inch = 114.3 millimeter http://www.onlineconversion.com/ HTH - Scott by BOSTON

Subject: Re: Tire size?

From: Kenneth Keith <>

That's my understanding too.

Ford Focuses and Saab's are also 4x108mm

The center hub diameter, for hubcentricity, is different tho'. I know the Saleen 5 bolt is 5x4.5" -Ken

Calculating tire sizes (Diameter) vs. OEM Subject: Re: Tire size? From: Carolus Chow

I was using this tire calculator http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html

in comparison to OE tires

the 215/50-16 was 0.9% slower the 225/50-16 was 0.7% faster

so according to the calculations, both are it very close to OE tires.

Type 85 4000Q series

6J x 14" ET 45 Bolt holes 4 x 108mm

PN# 853 601 025 A (some other letters may fit too)

>>>>any 6 J or 7 1/2 J is the rim size (width) in inches.......... <<<<<<<<

ALL AUDI rims AFAIK are BALL set lug bolts....... NOT conical like aftermarket wheels.

HTH - Scott by BOSTON

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